This site is for high pinion 9" Ford front and rear differential center
sections ( third members ). It uses actual 9" Ford style gears for more
height and more gear strength than a high pinion Ford 8.8,  high pinion
Dana 44, and high pinion Dana 60. The Hi 9 will be lighter weight and
sometimes less money than an aftermarket high pinion Dana 60. It will
fit as a direct replacement in existing 9" Ford housings without

The Hi9 was originally designed for street use so daily driving is NOT
an issue. It just turned out to be strong enough for competition use also.
This is the ONLY high pinion differential
with the third bearing on the pinion!!!!!
This is also the ONLY high pinion differential
with a thrustblock ring gear support!!!!!
We have 4.11, 4.57, 4.86, 5.14, 5.38 gears in stock.

Cases for 2.891 bearing size (28 or 31 spline) IN STOCK , 3.25
bearing size (35 spline) IN STOCK !!!.  If you're interested or have
questions feel free to
contact us.

Stock gears and/or cases will NOT work with these.
THANKS for your interest
Hi9 with a 35 spline ARB air locker.